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GW Legacy Family


GW Legacy Family


GW Legacy Family


The GW Legacy Alumni Network recognizes and celebrates the commitment of alumni who support and encourage their children, grandchildren, or siblings to attend GW and continue the family legacy. Through GW’s alumni families,  university traditions and Colonial pride pass from generation to generation.The GW Legacy Alumni Network helps these members of the GW community stay in touch with the university, and with other legacy families through special events and networking opportunities.

Are you a member of a Legacy Family? We would love to hear from you! Please contact Marie Treanor, Director of Legacy Family Engagement, [email protected] and fill out the GW Legacy Family form.


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Volunteer Opportunities

Legacy families can volunteer to serve in a variety of ways—from representing GW at a regional Admissions fair to attending a Summer Send-Off to speak to first year families—there are countless ways to make an impact on the GW community.

Volunteering is an excellent way to stay connected and ensure that the GW legacy is sustained for years to come. We look forward to connecting you to an opportunity that is most meaningful to you.



Giving Opportunities

At GW, we are continually amazed by the incredible, enduring support from our GW Legacy families. Through this invaluable generosity, GW can continue providing a consistently high-quality educational experience for our students. Philanthropy at all levels enables GW to develop forward-thinking programs, offer meaningful curricula, provide enhanced student services for career development, and build programs to engage students with our accomplished GW alumni community.

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Froehlic Legacy

"Each GW Legacy family has its own story; my family’s began in 1996 when I commenced my doctoral studies at GW. The education and mentoring I received as a GSEHD student set me on the path for my career in academia. A unique opportunity brought me back to GW in a professional capacity in 2004. The most recent and most rewarding chapter of our story began this past August when our youngest son began his freshman year at GW. As a Legacy, you know the GW community is filled with knowledgeable and caring teachers, researchers, and leaders. The university’s location offers access to a world of resources and unique, ‘only at GW’ experiences on a regular basis."

Rob Froehlich, GSEHD Ed.D. ‘00, GW Parent and his son, Robert Froehlich, CCAS ‘23