The Washington Post: As Pride celebrations move online during the pandemic, who will hug the queer kids?

Without in-person Pride celebrations this year, LGBTQ+ advocates and parents are working to find new ways to send their hugs to vulnerable queer youth. Two years after their child comes out as lesbian, gay or bisexual, many parents still say that it is moderately or very hard for them to adjust to the news, according to a 2019 study by David Huebner, MPH, an associate professor of prevention and community health at GWSPH.

This makes support networks important to maintain during the pandemic.  Several groups previously started by parents of LGBTQ+ teens are continuing their work in the virtual space, including Ally Parents and Free Mom Hugs.  Other goups are adapting to the online space, offering virtual pride parties, and providing a space for youth to be themselves.

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