Aicha Evans



Aicha Evans


B.S. ’96

Engineering Executive

Monumental Achievement: Aicha Evans is a distinguished leader in engineering and technology. As CEO of autonomous mobility-as-a-service company Zoox, she is at the forefront of delivering a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable transportation experience for all. In June 2020, she led the acquisition of Zoox by Amazon. Evans has decades of experience leading teams that make an impact on the world, managing thousands of engineers at high profile companies including Intel, Rockwell Semiconductors, Conexant and Skyworks. In 2021, she was named to Forbes 50 Over 50.

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Aicha Evans joined Zoox as the Chief Executive Officer in February 2019. Zoox was founded in 2014 to develop a complete ecosystem for delivering autonomous mobility, from the core autonomous technology and vehicle design to an operating model and revolutionary product experience. Towards that end, Zoox is building a fleet of fully autonomous, battery electric, zero-emission vehicles that are purpose-built and optimized for ridesharing in cities. 

Prior to joining Zoox, Aicha served as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Intel Corporation, responsible for driving Intel’s long-term strategy to transform from a PC-centric company to a Data-centric company. Prior to this, she was General Manager of Intel’s Communication and Devices Group, responsible for driving the wireless business and engineering for multi-comm products and platforms, including Radio Frequency transceivers (RF), cellular LTE and 5G modems, Wi-Fi, Wi-Gig, GPS, and Bluetooth. She oversaw a 7,000 person global organization. Aicha joined Intel in 2006. Prior to Intel, she spent 10 years in various engineering management positions at Rockwell Semiconductors, Conexant and Skyworks. Aicha is a member of the Supervisory Board of SAP and sits on the board of directors for Joby Aviation.