GW Alumni Association FAQs

The GW Alumni Association (GWAA) and the GWAA Executive Committee were introduced on May 1, 2019. Read below for answers to some common questions about the GWAA.

The GW Alumni Association has a new structure and new volunteer leadership. The association is further integrated with the university and the greater alignment between volunteer leaders and staff will enable the university to deliver the best possible alumni experience.

No need to sign up or pay dues. All GW graduates and former students who completed at least 15 credit hours and left the university in good standing are members of the GW Alumni Association.

The association’s mission is to advance the university by working collaboratively to strengthen and promote an invested alumni community that inspires lifelong loyalty through the engagement of current and future alumni. The association’s executive committee serve as strategic advisors, making recommendations and providing counsel to the university administration, working in close partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations and alumni volunteers across the GW community.

The Executive Committee comprises several accomplished alumni from diverse backgrounds who were invited to serve based on their common passion for and commitment to GW. The guidelines for the GW Alumni Association, approved by the GW Board of Trustees Volunteer Engagement Task Force in February 2019, outline the process for the university to identify and invite Executive Committee members.

Yes. Alumni organizations which have an existing relationship with the Office of Alumni Relations will be considered a “Chartered Alumni Network." A representative from each Chartered Alumni Network will be invited to serve on the Alumni Association Leadership Council, which will include the Executive Committee and the designated representatives of each Chartered Alumni Network.

Yes. A virtual listening tour held in August and September 2019 provided GW graduates the opportunity to meet the members of the GWAA Executive Committee and to share thoughts about the association’s future. The listening tour and other means of input from alumni and university officials forms the basis of the Executive Committee’s  process to establish priorities for the association.

Executive Committee members can serve for a maximum of four years, so there will be an ongoing need to identify potential future leaders. You are encouraged to communicate your interest to your point of contact in the Office of Alumni Relations or by emailing [email protected] with “GW Alumni Association” in the subject line.